Government Transformation – A Start

Sometimes it feels like the dawn of a new day or time…

I had the pleasure of having a meeting today with a state government employee to discuss the progress of a significant cog in the process of the transformation of the government here in WA.  It is fantastic to find that there are some highly switched on and influential members of or public service that ‘get it’ when you are talking about the future directions that the ‘machinery of government’ can head in.  I’ll provide more information in the coming weeks about the details of some of the progress that has been made, however it is much better to start with some background to the work that has been done since the change of government back in 2008.


There have been two publications that were released in 2009 by the government that are of particular interest to me and the topics that I am trying to cover off in this blog.  These being:

  • The Economic Audit Committee’s Final Report (October 2009) – this contains 43 recommendations made by a 6 member committee on the operational and financial performance of the WA public sector. Information about the EAC can be found here – do note the links at the top in the grey boxes – further information on each area of progress to date is available.
  • The Red Tape Reduction Taskforce’s Reducing the Burden Report (December 2009) – this contains 107 recommendations made through information gathered by face to face consultations as well as written submissions.  Information about the RTRT can be found here.

So all in all these two documents have a total of 150 recommendations on how the business of government can be improved from the state that it was in at the time the reports were released.  The most important thing is that these recommendations don’t just stay as they are, however that they are acted upon and pushed both internally within government and externally by industry and the general public.

In future posts I’ll start delving into some of the recommendations and how they could change the business of government to make WA a better place.  There are some great examples elsewhere around the world that we should follow or do better.


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