Starting Somewhere…

I feel that the perfect storm is brewing here in WA.  For the past few months I have been talking with and working with a number of people and have found that there is a common belief that the ‘opportunity of several lifetimes’ is in front of us to enable us to reshape and rebuild this state for future generations.

The goal of this blog is to provide a mechanism for outlining some of the opportunities that exist for change, highlighting progress and work that is being undertaken here in WA, and hopefully to create some discussion around how we can convert ideas and examples into action and outcomes.

I plan to focus on three major areas that are of particular interest to me and I believe are somewhat linked together – these areas being:

  • Strategic Planning for the State – from Land Use Planning, Improving Planning and Approvals Processes, to the need for Coordinated Infrastructure Planning, and most importantly the engagement of the community and industry in these processes.
  • Knowledge Economy – adoption of a new position on viewing the economy of Western Australia not just as a ‘mine’ or Resources Economy to expand the understanding that the underpinning enabler for the Resources Industry is the pool of highly skilled Knowledge Workers.  The opportunity here is to build on the training, development, and utilisation of knowledge workers to create a more diversified economy and one that may be more resilient to future changes in the resources market.
  • Transformation of the Government – through the adoption of some of the skills of the Knowledge Economy there is a great opportunity to transform the engagement and processes of government to be much more open, transparent, and engaged with the communities that it serves.  Some would herald this as Government 2.0.

Bear with me as I get to grips with the world of blogging, however I hope that the information, discussions, and ideas that I share help shape a better state for us all.



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