The rise of entrepreneurial government 

Things have changed over here in the west considerably since I fist started this blog some 6 years ago (apart from the fact that I use to post a lot more often!).  Western Australia has seen a significant turn around in the economy, increasing unemployment (and underemployment), reduced credit ratings, and the list goes on… however every cloud has a silver lining – we’ve seen that with these challenges the economy has diversified to a greater degree, there has been a strong focus on innovation, and organisations big and small have had to look at more creative approaches to delivering services and generally keeping afloat.  Top that off with the state election on the 11th of March next year and we can see that we will be in for an interesting political ride over the next 3 – 4 months – much will be positioning about how the government can deliver and do things differently.

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One Small Step for WA…

data_wa_gov_auFollowing on from my previous post July 1 saw several significant things occur here in WA:

A great start to seeing some of the change being made to the focus on ICT / technology here in WA by the government.

The critical thing for us all to do now is to focus on delivering successful projects and outcomes to the public sector rather than ICT being seen as a cost centre.

I believe that we have the ability to leverage off the successful use of innovation and technology to deliver outcomes and efficiencies in the Resources sector here in WA – and translate it to doing the same for the Public sector…  There are already some great things being done – however more light needs to be shone on the successes rather than the failures.

More about innovation and networks in my next post.

Cheers Tom

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Data, Data, Wherefore art thou Data?

I had drafted up this post some 6 months back about Open Data and access to government data as a follow-up to my post almost 5 years ago highlighting the fact that there had been no progress in this space – but last week saw the draft released of The Western Australian Whole of Government Open Data Policy (open for comment until March 6th 2015).


This is a great start to opening up the government data here in WA – it will interesting to see how the policy ends up and how rapidly we start to see the data being made available – as here is a snapshot of where some of the rest of the country is at: Continue reading

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WA Population and Property Boom?

If you have been checking out the press in the past week you would have seen two recent releases that highlight the current and future direction here in WA.  Firstly was last Tuesday’s release by the Australian Bureau of Statistics for population projections for capital cities, states, and the country out until 2101 – it is some interesting reading – as you can see below WA’s future population is forecast to continue growing relatively rapidly over the next 50 years…

WA Population chart

Secondly the Real Estate institute of Western Australia (REIWA) released figures showing the increase in property prices in WA has hit record highs.  I’ve put together the September 2013 prices in the map linked below:

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A Tale of Three Cities…

London, New York, Perth?

London New York PerthI cannot recall if I mentioned Urban Observatory when it was released in July – a collaboration between the founder of TED – Richard Saul Wurman, Radical Media, and Esri.  It is a brilliant interface to investigate and compare the makeup and characteristics of multiple cities around the world at one time.  Guess which city is now on there???

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A View from Above – Federal Election 2013

It is always exciting when you see the people that you work with kick a goal (especially a big one) and I think that some of the work that has been done by the team at Esri Australia for the Channel 7 Election Map is a good example of getting what we do out to a much broader audience…

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From Vision to Reality… making the First Steps

I have had the opportunity to attend a variety of events, presentations, and forums that have been focusing of future Visions for the state and the country over the past few months.  This has been a great experience in many ways but after some of the sessions I have got to the point of asking the logical question:

What do we have to do to make the Vision a Reality?

In many ways it is exciting seeing, hearing, and being involved in discussions on what the future may hold; however now I would like to understand how we can get there…

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Science takes to the big stage

Leading up to the state election there was the potential that the Science portfolio would be taken over by the Premier.  With the recent announcement of the new WA State Cabinet this was confirmed.  This raises the great interest for a more visible focus over the next 4 years here in WA for Science (and hopefully ICT as part of that) being a focus for building a better and brighter state.

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All Marching to the Election…

It has been too long since my last post – I blame the sleep deprived miasma that I have been fighting thanks to our lovely (but trying) second child! I’ll be working to get more posts out in the near future as there has been so much happening in many different areas…

Even for the sleep deprived the march towards March 9th and the State Election has been very much centre stage with many an interesting election promise / plan / platform that is close to the areas that I have talked about in the past. With that in mind I thought that I would raise a few of them here today:

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A Bright Future for Perth? Yes Please!

It has been a busy time for all things Perth and planning… this week saw the fruition of 4 years of work for the Committee for Perth in the release of their Towards a Brighter Future – A vision for Perth as a region of 3.5 million people.

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